in the hills of soave the vine-grower, gino magnabosco,
together with his family, carry on this very passion that
traditions have handed down.
intense scent, dry taste and fresh are characteristics
of monte tondo's wines that are difficult to forget.
magnabosco family is attentive to any new improvement
in grape-producing technology of soave and valpolicella,
in order to guarantee wine of the best quality at all times
to represent the area in which it is produced.

SAN PIETROValpolicella DOC Superiore


Valpolicella DOC Superiore

Production area
Vineyard in the Doc zone in Campiano, near Cazzano di Tramigna

Grape variety
55% Corvina; 30% Rondinella; 15% Molinara

Production for hectare
110 q

Grape harvest
first 10 days of October

hand-picked at the beginning of October and left to semi-dry for 20/30 days in special dry and well-ventilated rooms called "fruttai". Pressing and maceration with skins for 6 days. Left to age in barrels for 5 months.

ruby red verging on purple; the nose is complex with rich floral scents of violets and roses and powerful fruity aromas of cherries and sour black cherries with a hint of spices; well-balanced with a light, smooth, slightly tannic finish.

Food matches
ideal with nourishing first courses, entrecote or grilled meat.

serve at 12-15°C